Dubai, Diyala Times: - The Iranian woman, Zahraa Ismaili, was standing in line awaiting execution after being convicted of killing her husband, whom she had killed in defense of herself and her daughter.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:-- Leader of the civil rights movement, Malcolm X, before his death in 1965, left a letter saying that the New York Police and the FBI conspired in his liquidation, prompting his daughters to demand the reopening of the investigation into the crime.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Defendant Edward Seleznev, who is 51 years old, confessed before a Russian court that he killed three of his friends and ate their flesh in 2017 and was described as a "cannibal", confirming that he stabbed his friends, aged between 59, 43 and 34 years old, to death while they were in Drunk, before they boil their bodies and eat their cooked leftovers.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The former Emir of the Islamic Group in Egypt was thirty years old when he participated in one of the bloody operations carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the assassination of the former Egyptian President, Muhammad Anwar Sadat, during a military purpose on the occasion of the October War, which was the largest victory over Israel.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- After predicting the Corona virus before its appearance, and despite what was said about his involvement in this global pandemic, the billionaire, founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has returned to warn humanity again.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The list of the most powerful businesswomen in the Middle East, according to Forbes magazine for the year 2021, revealed 50 women, and Egypt topped this list with 8 names, followed by the UAE with 7 women. Also, 16 women held executive positions in the banking and financial services sector - the most participating sector on the list. .

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The Director General of the Emergency Service at the Montichiari Hospital in Lombardy, Carlo Musca, gave lethal doses of drugs with a neuromuscular effect to many of those infected with Corona, and killed two patients with the epidemic in March 2020, in order to provide places for new patients.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- It poses a threat to the country, as it had imported "hippo" animals that threaten the life of the swamps and rivers in Colombia, and pose a threat to the country's ecosystem.

Colombia's most famous drug trafficker, Paulo Escobar, had illegally imported a number of hippo animals in the late 1980s, adding them to his own zoo that was full of elephants as a sign of extravagance.


Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The Cairo Criminal Court issued the verdict in the case known in the media as "the Maadi Girl," which killed Maryam Muhammad, 24, in the Maadi neighborhood in Cairo.

The court sentenced the first and second accused to death by hanging, and the third accused was punished with one year imprisonment with labor, and a fine of 10 thousand pounds, acquittal of the fourth accused, and the referral of the civil case to the competent court.

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