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Miss Iraq, Sarah Aidan appeals to Israel

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- Miss Iraq 2017, Sarah Idan, who holds the US and Iraqi citizenship, called on the United Nations, and US President Donald Trump to investigate the decision on the withdrawal of Iraqi nationality and "end this violation and protect its rights as a US citizen Iraqi."

Sarah Al-Aidan wrote on "Twitter" that "the Security and Defense Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives announced its support for calls for the abolition of nationality and prevent them from entering the territory of the country and return to it because of its statements relating to Israel.

"Iraq has refuted my statement two weeks ago at the United Nations that I do not have the freedom to talk about Israel, and now they are taking my nationality," Idan said.

"I fought alongside the United States to end tyranny and bring democracy to Iraq," she said, "freedom of expression is the foundation of democracy and must be protected."

"I must strive to preserve citizenship because this is a battle not only for my rights, but also against anti-Semitism.

I hope that Israel and the United States will intervene to face this decision," she said in another tweet.

"We love you in Israel, and you have a lot of admirers in Israel, the United States and around the world," Yayir Netanyahu, the son of the Israeli prime minister, echoed Idan's comments on Twitter.

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