Saturday, 08 August 2020

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Egyptian News Vision: - Choosing the right foods helps boost positive energy and pull negative energy out of the home.

Here are a group of foods that absorb negative energy from home:

Egyptian News Vision: - The scientific journal "npr" has published the results of scientific experiments conducted in the University of Chicago marine biology laboratory, to hide the bodies of living things and make them completely transparent.

Egyptian News Vision: - During a study published in Chronobiology International, the researchers studied 433,268 people, ages 38 to 73, who were categorized as "morning specific" or "moderate morning", "moderate evening" or "specific evening" groups.

Egyptian News Vision: - "Brightside" presented a report reviewing 10 changes in the body that need attention, these modifications are: -

Egyptian News Vision: - A study of the effect of coronavirus and COVID 19 infection on smokers, conducted at the University of Texas Health Science Center University of Technology, demonstrated that smokers experience neurological disorders, and another in an area known as "cerebral vascular" when infected with the Coronavirus.

Egyptian News Vision: - Are coronavirus infection checks? Does taking a sample for examination through the nose, or the so-called swab, harm the brain? This doctors and experts ...


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