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Women matter, the relationship between snoring and cancer Women matter, the relationship between snoring and cancer

Women matter, the relationship between snoring and cancer

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- There are some women who snore during sleep and this may be a sign of the seriousness of the large and do not relax some, as there is a new study on women snoring during sleep and revealed that there is a relationship between snoring and cancer.

The study by scientists from Greece found that women with sleep apnea, who had high blood oxygen levels at night, were more likely to develop cancer than those who did not have sleep disorders, but were unaware of the same results in men.

Recent studies have shown that low blood oxygen levels at night and intermittent sleep, both common in OSA, may play an important role in the biology of different cancers.

Since this area of ​​research is very new, the effects of sex on the relationship between sleep apnea and cancer have not been studied in detail before. "

How was the study?

Scientists at the University of Aristotle in Thessaloniki examined more than 19,000 people, recorded their age, body mass index, smoking status and consumption of alcohol, factors that can increase the risk of cancer.

The researchers then recorded the number of times each volunteer suffered partial or complete obstruction of the airway, each hour of sleep, and the number of times the blood oxygen levels dropped to 90%.


Cancer was more common in women with sleep apnea, compared to men with the same condition, even when all other factors were taken into account.

The results showed that the most common cancer in women was breast cancer, while prostate cancer was most likely to be diagnosed in men.

"Overall cancer prevalence was only 2 percent lower, so patients with sleep apnea should not be concerned about the results of this study," the study said.

Although the results show a link between sleep apnea and cancer, they do not prove that sleep disorder causes an increased risk of cancer, so further research is needed.

In contrast, patients with obstructive sleep apnea recommend that both women and men should adhere to a healthy lifestyle and lifestyle to control their lives more effectively, including physical activity, alcohol abuse and quitting smoking.

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