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Foods Cause Acne

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- There are many factors that contribute to the appearance of acne, including diet, and there are foods that lead to the emergence of "acne" based on numerous medical research:

* Whole grains and sugars

Foods that contain a high percentage of refined carbohydrates (whole grains and sugars), affect blood sugar and insulin levels. Experts say there is a close relationship between excess levels of insulin and acne.

* Dairy products

Those who drink milk or eat ice cream regularly are four times more likely to develop acne, compared to those who eat less.

* Fast food

Burgers, fried potatoes, soda and yogurt, increase the risk of the appearance of acne dramatically.

* Foods rich in "Omega 6"

Foods that contain a large proportion of corn and soybean oils, which are rich in omega-6 fats, push the body into inflammatory inflammatory state, which speeds up the appearance of "acne." While omega-3 foods, such as fish, reduce inflammation levels.

* Chocolate

A recent study has shown that males who consume 25 grams of dark chocolate a day are more susceptible to skin disease.

* Protein powder

Whey Protein is a popular dietary supplement rich in amino acids that speeds the growth of skin cells and makes them more divided, leading to acne.

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