Cancer, stay away from its known causes and leave the results to chance

March 24, 2017
Cancer, stay away from its known causes and leave the results to chance Cancer, stay away from its known causes and leave the results to chance

A simple nature study, proved by a recent American scientific study, that: Stay away from the known causes of cancer, especially lung cancer and the main cause is smoking, and leave the results to chance, where the study proved that cancer is not linked to the genetic factors or the environment in which we live.

The study revealed that two-thirds of cancers are unavoidable, even with preventive measures and a healthy lifestyle.

According to the study, cancers often come from a genetic error in cell division, according to a researcher at the Hopkins Cancer Center in the United States, Christian Tomasetti, who says: "It is known that we are called to stay away from some things that increase our exposure to infection But what we do not know is that once the normal cell is split, and its DNA is broken down to produce two cells, it makes several mistakes. "

The researchers are likely to be those errors as a strong factor in the incidence of cancer, saying that the recent study revealed for the first time the consequences of non-transfer of DNA between cells correctly.

The study, published in the Journal of Science, is trying to explain the causes of cancer among people who follow a health system, and many people in their families have not been affected by the serious disease.


The study recommends continuing prevention and avoiding negative habits that cause many injuries, such as lung cancer, which is often caused by smoking.

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