Causes of morning headache

April 18, 2021
Causes of morning headache Causes of morning headache

Daily Times, United Arab Emirates: - Some people have headaches for a brief period of an hour or less, or for as long as a few days.

Headaches sometimes associated with morning headaches include migraines, cluster headaches, hypnosis, tension headaches, paroxysmal migraines, and medication overuse headaches.

Here are the reasons for a headache in the morning:

- Lack of sleep at night.

Scientists have found a clear link between lack of sleep, migraines and tension headaches.

Lack of sleep appears to lower the body's pain threshold; What makes it more prone to headaches.

- Snoring or sleep apnea:

Interrupted sleep caused by snoring or sleep apnea may be a source of headache in the early morning.

Snoring can be a condition in itself or a symptom of sleep apnea. This causes people to stop breathing at times throughout the night.

- Drought:

If you don't drink enough water during the day, you may find that you wake up with a headache.

Dehydration headache is a secondary headache that results from not having enough fluids in the body.

Once re-hydration, the brain swells and returns to its normal state, which relieves headaches.

- Medicines:

Medicines can also interfere with normal sleep patterns. What leads to disturbed sleep.

- Teeth grinding:

Many people grind their teeth while sleeping without knowing, and this is known as bruxism during sleep.

This can cause individuals to have a headache upon waking in the morning, which is generally mild and can be felt near the temples.

- Depression or anxiety:

One study in the Journal of the American Medical Association stated that the most important factors for chronic morning headaches are anxiety and depression.

And mental health conditions can also lead to insomnia. This increases the risk of developing a morning headache.

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