Essential elements that contribute to hair loss

May 02, 2021
Essential elements that contribute to hair loss Essential elements that contribute to hair loss

Vision, United Arab Emirates: - According to "NDTV Food", which deals with nutrition and health, there are 6 main factors that cause hair loss:

1- Sugar:

Studies have shown that insulin resistance that leads to diabetes and obesity can also lead to hair loss or even lead to baldness in both men and women.

The main factor behind insulin resistance is a diet high in sugar, starches and refined carbohydrates.

2- Foods that raise insulin levels:

These foods are refined flour, bread and sugar, all of which are foods with a high glycemic index, and these foods can cause hormonal imbalances in the body, as well as cause a sudden rise in insulin and androgens that attach to hair follicles. The consequence of hair loss.

3- Diet soft drinks:

Diet soft drinks contain an artificial sweetener called "aspartame", which researchers have found can damage hair follicles. If you are finally experiencing hair loss, it is best to avoid diet soft drinks.

4- Fast food:

Fast food, or junk food, does not only cause obesity, it also leads to cardiovascular disease, and may cause hair loss as well, as fatty foods can make the scalp greasy, and may lead to clogging of pores and shrinking hair follicles, and ultimately hair loss. .

5- raw egg whites:

Eggs are very useful for hair, but they should not be eaten raw, as raw egg white can cause a deficiency of biotin in the body, which is a vitamin that helps produce keratin that nourishes hair, as the avidin present in raw egg white combines with biotin and impedes its absorption in the intestine To harm the health of the hair.

6- A lot of fish:

High levels of mercury, which is present in fish, can lead to sudden hair loss, and the most common source of exposure to mercury is fish, as the methylmercury concentration in fish has increased over the past few decades due to climate change and overfishing, and examples of high-mercury fish are mackerel and fish. Shark and some mercury-rich tuna.

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