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Foods harmful to the liver, despite its benefits Foods harmful to the liver, despite its benefits

Foods harmful to the liver, despite its benefits

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Be careful in the foods we eat, it is urgent; the fact that some of them harm the liver; which may lead to complications that threaten human health.

Medical studies have reported that some foods cause great harm, despite their benefits, and should be avoided, are:

Red meat contains a high percentage of fat, which makes the liver fatty, so you should reduce the amount used as much as possible, and compensate the required protein from white meat and fish.

Fried foods are one of the most harmful foods to the health of the liver because they contain a large proportion of fat that causes swelling of the liver, and can be used organic coconut oil to stir or put food in the oven; so you do not need a large amount of fat.

Salt-rich foods can cause liver damage due to sodium, which causes fluid and toxin retention in the body.

Sugar-rich foods, which are difficult for the liver to break down into fats, also affect the liver, so it is recommended to reduce sugars as much as possible.

Useful foods and drinks for the liver:

Green tea, which helps maintain healthy liver and tissues thanks to antioxidants.

Coffee is rich in antioxidants and caffeine, which boosts metabolism, prevents fat accumulation around the liver, and stops the growth of cancer cells.

Natural apple juice is rich in malic acid, one of the most important substances that cleanse the body of toxins, in addition to lemon juice and ginger.

Foods rich in vitamin C; they activate the body and help absorb nutrients.It is available in lemon, strawberries, kale and sweet pepper.

Oatmeal contains nutrients such as fiber and antioxidants that help protect the liver and its tissues from any damage.

Broccoli is particularly beneficial for liver health, because it contains sulforaprofen compounds, which reduce the absorption of fat in the liver.

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