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Serious medical warning of some sweets Serious medical warning of some sweets

Serious medical warning of some sweets

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:-- A nutrition expert has launched serious medical warnings of some sweets and food, especially carbonated water, and even likened those substances to a bomb aimed at the stomach, and make human lose calcium.

Dr. Yelena Solomatina, in an interview with the newspaper Vichernaya Moskva, noted that these foods attract people because they smell desirable and tastes delicious, but said that the fried fans in boiling oils contain chemicals, sugar and unsaturated fats together Harmful because this oil is usually a type of unsaturated fat.

She also cautioned against drinking desalinated water, because it contains a high proportion of sugar and additives chemicals, noting that carbon dioxide gas irritates the mucous membrane, which helps to increase the speed of absorption of these substances.

Carbonated beverages containing phosphoric acid cause calcium out of the body and some contain caffeine.

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