The most likely time for infection with Covid 19 virus

March 12, 2020
The chances of a new coronavirus transmission are increasing at this time The chances of a new coronavirus transmission are increasing at this time Source de l'image: - google

Germany, Munich: - Since the new Corona virus, Covid 19, is only transmitted between humans, there is a time when the probability of transmission from one sick person to another who is not sick is what this new medical study has focused on.

The study has warned that the new corona virus may be more infected before symptoms appear.

In the study, scientists from Berlin, the Bundeswehr Institute of Microbiology and the Munich Schwabing Clinic revealed that an infectious virus can be isolated from nasal and throat swabs from patients with mild symptoms.

This indicates that people with mild symptoms are able to transmit the virus.

During these investigations, the researchers found many cases in which the infectious virus could be isolated from nasal and throat swabs obtained from patients with mild symptoms and spread in cell culture, where these patients experienced symptoms such as the common cold and not acute pneumonia.

With the increase in coronavirus cases this week in many countries, according to the British "Mirror" report, this led to widespread panic over the spread of the disease.

Based on the results, experts urge the public to be careful about regular hand washing, which is the main way to protect yourself from the virus.

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