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Vision Egypt News: - The star of the Portuguese football team, Cristiano Ronaldo, has been infected with the Corona virus, according to what the Portuguese Football Association announced.

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Vision Egypt News: - The American "Johnson & Johnson" group for pharmaceutical industries stopped clinical trials of an experimental anti-corona virus vaccine, after one of the volunteers participating in these experiments was infected with an unknown disease.

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Vision Egypt News: - The non-governmental organization "Usharish" has published a video clip showing "Queen of the Oceans" Nokomi, lying on a private submersible platform, built on the side of the Usharish research vessel with researchers around her, then swimming away.

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Vision Egypt News: - The development of the media is related to the development of the means of communication and communication between humans and the tools and machines available in each era, as follows: -

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Vision Egypt News: - During the presidency of Barack Obama, the US administration tried to undermine the stability of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, according to the emails of former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whose secrecy was revealed.

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