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Vision Egypt News: - After the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, threatened the Islamists present in her country, and threatened them that they would not sleep well, the first serious moves would be the Islamic Resistance Movement, "Hamas".

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Tuesday, 20 October 2020 18:59

Jeff Bridges has cancer

Vision Egypt News: - Award-winning American actor Geoff Bridges has developed cancer in the lymph nodes.

The 70-year-old Hollywood star confirmed the news through a tweet on his official account on the social networking site Twitter.

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Vision Egypt News: - F5 has launched a SAFE engine to know user intentions and prevent fraud, as the new search engine based on artificial intelligence technology studies many data and behavioral and ambient indicators.

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Vision Egypt News: - US President Donald Trump danced at the end of his campaign activities, and his soundest performance is called "The Trump Dance."

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Vision Egypt News: - Brazilian dancer Lordina, who appeared dancing in a video that spread on social media.

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