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Thursday, 03 September 2020 18:42

Foods that threaten human immunity

Egyptian news vision: - Foods, eating habits, and cooking methods that threaten the body's immunity:

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Thursday, 03 September 2020 18:01

Prince Harry and Meghan contract with Netflix

Egyptian news vision: - Netflix has contracted with Britain's Prince Harry and his American wife Megan to produce programs, documentaries, feature films, and children's programs.

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Egyptian news vision: - The American actress of Lebanese roots, born on September 2, 1966, gave a gift to her fans on the occasion of her 54th birthday.

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Egyptian news vision: - Ankara announced the arrest of the leader of "ISIS" in Turkey, Mahmoud Ozden, in the Adana region, in the south of the country, after his arrest 4 in 2017 and his release.

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Egyptian news vision: - The Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad, and the country's ruling family are spending their summer holidays in Turkey, taking luggage and bags that workers at the Turkish Milas Bodrum Airport needed two hours to drop off.

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Egyptian news vision: - Alan Weinstein, a professor of physics at the California Institute of Technology, said: The huge collision between two black holes created an explosion that is the largest since the Big Bang known to mankind.

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Egyptian news vision: - The Japanese Coast Guard has rescued one of the 43 people, the crew of the "Gulf Livestock 1", which capsized in the China Sea while on its way to China from New Zealand.

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