Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Former US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump emerged from the White House and out of the spotlight after years of clamor, controversy and dropping a lot of ink.

Melania Trump refused to stop in front of the lenses of the photographers who were waiting for her upon her arrival at her serious residence, while Trump stood waving his hand in front of the photographers at Palm Beach airport, while his grim-faced wife drove straight to the car without stopping.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Pet heroes' loyalty stories did not and will not end, this time for the dog who sympathized with its owner, Russell Jones, who spent around 300 pounds (410 US dollars) on treating his pet dog.

The dog was in good health, but when his owner suffered a broken ankle, he sympathized and pretended to be limping when he walked next to him.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- There was an explosion in the center of the Spanish capital, Madrid, according to a local Spanish television and reported by Reuters news agency.

Social media activists shared a video they said was of the explosion, which emitted a loud bang and a column of smoke.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: - Tunisian Nermin Safar apologized for her bold movements during a dance link that she broadcast live on Facebook and said that she did not know that the camera filmed her whole body, and that when she danced she wandered and did not know what was happening around her, and she deleted the video .

Her followers attacked her when she made a move that showed sensitive places in her body during a dance show that she presented to her followers during the quarantine period, as she has been doing since the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic, in order to break the monotony of quarantine among Tunisians.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- An accident occurred on a downtown Oakland street, caused by a helicopter carrying a huge air conditioner with wires, causing panic in the middle of the street.

The air cooler escaped from the wires and fell to the ground, causing panic and the escape of the people who were present.

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