Egyptian news vision: In Siing Village, on the outskirts of Panjin City in Liaoning Province - Northeast China, Ms. Wen, who lives in the village, posted the video clip on the Internet, announcing that her family was upset and scared and confirmed that she had been suffering from this problem "for three or four years."

In the video, we see a person carrying a lighter and opening the water tap, and when the lighter is lit next to the water, suddenly the water ignites and turns into a continuous and burning fire that falls from the tap to the bathroom sink, making it impossible for anyone to use that water.

Vision Egyptian News: - It is the first operation of its kind in nearly half a century, carried out by a country in an attempt to understand the history of the moon's surface, as it brings samples of dust and rocks to the Earth for analysis, and these samples are collected by probing the surface to a depth of two meters.

Vision Egypt News: - The Chinese city of Hong Kong gives an incentive reward to every person infected with the Coronavirus in order to encourage people to have a medical examination, according to what the Minister of Health there, Sophia Chan, said.

Vision Egypt News: The “World Summit on Audiovisual Broadcasting Forum” opened its works Friday, November 20, 2020, in the International Audiovisual Conference Hall in Beijing sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Office and with the participation of the Chinese Arabic channel.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Vision Egypt News: - Oxford Insights, based in London, United Kingdom, and the International Development Research Center (IDRC) have released a report on the government's readiness for artificial intelligence index for 2020.

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