Dubai United Arab Emirates:- During a meeting with officials from Egypt and the UAE, an official from the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a pledge that Doha would not interfere in Egypt's internal affairs.

Reuters quoted a source in the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs, saying that the official also pledged to change the direction of the Qatari "Al-Jazeera" TV and other government media outlets towards Cairo.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The Egyptian security services arrested the accused of manufacturing candy bars in the form of genitals during the birthday celebration of a member of the Al-Jazeera Sports Club.

Pictures of women in Al-Jazeera Sports Club in Cairo have spread, eating sweets made in the form of genital organs, during a special ceremony held inside the club.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- A joint Egyptian mission found important archaeological discoveries dating back to the ancient, modern and late-era countries that will rewrite the history of the Saqqara antiquities area, next to the pyramid of King Tete, the first king of the Sixth Dynasty from the ancient state, according to the statement of the Egyptian archaeologist, head of the mission Zahi Hawass.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- In a comment on "trial marriage", a Sharia researcher in the Sheikhdom of Al-Azhar in Egypt, Abu Al-Yazid Ali Salameh stressed that "whoever promotes the idea of" trial marriage "seeks fame and public follow-up, so meet God and do not trade in people's pain, so it is not permissible for us to take a path Forbidden to achieve the goal, as these ideas do not satisfy God, nor the Messenger of God, or even society. "

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Egypt began implementing the first steps of reconciliation with Qatar that resulted from the Al-Ula summit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to be the last country among the four countries that boycotted Doha to open its airspace to Qatari airlines after Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain.

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