Daily Times, United Arab Emirates: - After the Israeli response to the launch of a surface-to-air missile from Syria towards a plane, and it fell in the Negev, where it launched raids in the Damascus area, Iran said that this is evidence that targets in Israel have become exposed and in range of fire.

Daily Times, United Arab Emirates: - President Bashar Al-Assad has submitted a nomination application for the post of President of the Republic, and he will be competing with Muhannad Nadim Shaban and Muhammad Muwaffaq Sawan, according to the Syrian news agency "SANA".

Daily Times, United Arab Emirates: - The annual US risk assessment report for 2021 blamed Russia and Turkey for the collapse of 3 countries.

Daily Times: - The Syrian Presidency announced on its social media accounts, today, Monday, that President Bashar al-Assad and his wife Asma had been infected with the Corona virus, at a time when the Ministry of Health recently warned of the high number of infections in the country.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The Syrian police arrested the Syrian artist, Engi Khoury, on charges of defamation and secret entry into Lebanese territory several times.

Enji Khoury, whose real name is Najwa Khaliq Allah, was stopped by the Syrian Criminal Security in the vicinity of the Mazzeh region, after a lawsuit brought against her by the Lebanese artist Shiraz.

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L'incendie du camp d'Ilovage en Afrique centrale et l'expulsion de 8 500 personnes déplacées https://t.co/tQ6DEWL2QT
The burning of the Ilovage camp in Central Africa and the expulsion of 8,500 displaced people https://t.co/xEbiStYxi5
El incendio del campo de Ilovage en África Central y la expulsión de 8.500 personas desplazadas https://t.co/AxGMlyVh3e
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The burning of the Ilovage camp in Central Africa and the expulsion of 8,500 displaced people

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