From the transfer of the head of Tutankhamun to Britain? - vision
From the transfer of the head of Tutankhamun to Britain? The curse of the Pharaohs may have been resolved at the British Kestiz Hall because of the head of Tutankhamun

From the transfer of the head of Tutankhamun to Britain?

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom: - The head of one of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt may cause problems for the British Christie's Hall after the search by the Egyptian and British authorities in their papers after the hall announced the display of a stone head, attributed to King Tutankhamun, for auction at the British capital of London .

The head of Tutankhamun is not part of Egypt's lost antiquities, but Egypt has asked for clarification on a bid for sale at a public auction next month.

The Antiquities Ministry confirmed that the piece was not missing from its museums or stores, but returned to say that it would coordinate with INTERPOL International if it was proven that any artifact was illegally exported from Egypt.

"The administration is studying the tender files, which will be held on July 4," said Shaaban Abdul Jawad, the general supervisor of the Antiquities Department at the Ministry of Antiquities.

"The Ministry is preparing to take the necessary measures in coordination with the Foreign Ministry to address the terminal regarding the head of Tutankhamun and to ascertain the truth of the documents that it has in relation to that piece," he said in a statement quoted by the Middle East News Agency (MENA).

"This piece is not one of the missing museums or warehouses of the Ministry of Antiquities, and the Department is following all the galleries with international auctions," Abdul Jawad said.

"If any illegal artifact is proven to be illegal, all legal proceedings will be taken with INTERPOL International, in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for its recovery," he said, stressing that the Ministry of Antiquities does not tolerate or allow anyone to sell any Egyptian trace at all.

The boy's king died around 1352 BC, under the age of 18, after Egypt ruled 9 years, and his mysterious death is still a mystery.

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