A video of Jeff Bezos' return from space puts him in the trend

July 22, 2021
The return of Jeff Bezos from space is the subject of global media attention The return of Jeff Bezos from space is the subject of global media attention The return of Jeff Bezos, the first billionaire to go to space on a spacecraft

#Vision #Egyptian_News_Vision #Daily_Times Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The American billionaire, Jeff Bezos, owner of "Amazon", returned after a successful trip to the outskirts of space aboard a special capsule made by his company, Blue Origin.

And American media reported that the "Blue Origin" capsule had landed in the West Texas desert after crossing the boundaries of space and returning, according to the company's live broadcast.

The spacecraft floated on three huge parachutes, before stirring a cloud of sand as it descended at a speed of a mile or two kilometers per hour, and Bezos said: "On board this capsule is a group of very happy people."

And the name of the American billionaire, Jeff Bezos, topped the search engines, after he published a video clip showing what was going on in the capsule of his “Blue Origin” spacecraft, in which he traveled to the outskirts of space.

The video that Bezos published was announcing the success of his trip to space, after the capsule that carried the famous 57-year-old founder of Amazon, succeeded in landing to Earth after making an 11-minute tourist trip to space, and "Al-Dustour" monitors the most prominent Information on Jeff Bezos.

Billionaire Jeff Bezos used a reusable New Shepard rocket for his first flight into space.

And Bezos set off from a small town in Texas, southern United States, called Van Hort, on a 10-minute trip outside Earth.

Thus, Jeff Bezos became the first billionaire to go into space on a spacecraft from a company he owns.

The reusable New Shepard, a small semi-orbital missile, is launched vertically from the launch pad, providing a shorter but super-fast experience.

The modern rocket is designed to carry passengers above the ground, so that they can feel some moments of weightlessness, and look forward to panoramic views of the ground.

The mission is expected to begin Tuesday morning, after 8 a.m. ET, weather permitting.

The audience was able to watch the entire historical process, through a live broadcast of the "Blue Origin" company.

Although the New Shepard missile capsule can carry up to 6 people, Bezos only brought 3 with him.

They are: his brother, Mark Bezos, and a woman named Willie Funk, who is among 13 women who participated in a program known as "Mercury 13", and underwent astronaut training in the 1960s, but did not reach space, because they were female.

And a young high school graduate, aged 18, named Oliver Damon.

Bezos was supposed to travel alongside a mysterious bidder, who won the recent Blue Origin auction by agreeing to pay $28 million for a seat on the flight, but the company announced Thursday that the person, who requested anonymity for the time being, has stepped down because "Schedule conflict".

So it was decided to choose a young teenager, Daimon, to replace his salt, the son of the founder of the Dutch investment company Jose Daemon, who was bought by his father.

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