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Transfer the cache of Assassif to the Egyptian Museum Transfer the cache of Assassif to the Egyptian Museum

Transfer the cache of Assassif to the Egyptian Museum

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:-- The Assassif cache, which was recently discovered in the Assassif area of ​​the western mainland in Luxor, is a new enrichment of the exhibits of the Great Egyptian Museum.

Inspect the coffins before transporting them and make first aid other than those carried out by Luxor restorers, and prepare a report for each coffin, to be then recorded, and many steps were taken before the arrival of the Asassif cache to the museum.

The transfer of Al-Assasif cache is assigned to a team at the highest level, and all the necessary materials such as "foam, buffers and vibration buffers" are used to be transported inside the insulation area before entering the wood factory, in order to make sure that they are not infected with insects, because most of the pieces made of wood, and exposed to insect injuries, and after making sure that they are not infected or the case of injury is treated, and then placed in the wood plant to begin the process of restoration.

The coffins discovered in the Assasif area in a private hall, named "The Assassif Cache."

The Ministry of Antiquities announced on October 19, 2019, the details of the discovery of the largest cache in the area of ​​the cemetery of Assasif in the western province of Luxor, by the men of the Egyptian archaeological mission, where the discovery of 30 coffins belonging to the family 22 of the Pharaonic times, was placed in a warehouse near the surface of the earth for protection From theft.

The cache was buried a few meters from the surface of the ground and the first row was 18 coffins and the second 12 coffins for men and women, including 3 for young children, and placed by high priests to store in a stone gate.

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