Singer Haifa Wehbe published pictures of her through calculated on "Instagram", while in London, to attend the opening of the fashion house World Lebanese designer Elie Saab, and created a sensation because of her dress black.

Ranker site published a list of the world's most beautiful women, which included 43 countries.

Egyptian director Inas Degheidy, starred during the opening of the International Film Festival in Marrakech, at its 16, along with Yousra.

Amina Khalil actor appeared in a gorgeous wedding dress, the fashion designer Hani Buhairi design, during the fashion show, the new group of Soiree for the winter and the summer of 2017, which took the Fairmont Towers Hotel.

The artist Nahed Sibai most attractive during the views are in the festivals and cultural events during the year 2016.

As it has been the most controversial because of the audacity of Atalaladtha.

Top Vision collected in this album pictures of beautiful Nahed Sibai

Studies have confirmed the advantages of single life partners makes them better than others.

A number of artists participated in the funeral prayer over the body of the artist Mohamed Sobhi, Nevin Ramiz wife that she shared his life, as she shared the series and Nice.

The streets of Cuba, which has seen moments of the Cuban Party on the departure of the leader, Fidel Castro, a few days ago, saw the intimate moments between the Argentine football legend Diego Maradona and his fiancee Olivia Rossio.

An anonymous artist, declined to be named until the attention is focused on the work and not on the person, the inauguration of the statue of the doctrine of the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, in the same place, which occurred the assassination of the late Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

Information published in more than one European newspaper, in a joint investigation dubbed "Football Lex" (leaks football), the star of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo concealed "150 million euros in tax havens, through the companies 'offshore' pass in Switzerland and the British Virgin Islands .

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Disneyland Paris announces the end of the Corona pandemic
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