Miss Lebanon 2016 Sandy Tabet participated audience and followers through its own page on the application of the "Instagram" in during her willingness to participate in the Miss World 2016 contest.

Everyone knows the benefits of eating less meat, but maybe even a little does not know that quitting it also has benefits, especially that the Arab countries are the most consumed and demand it, despite the higher prices, compared to prices of other fruits and vegetables may be more beneficial health benefits of meat.

British Mercer site, put those countries within the worst in the world, and was based in Ranked a set of criteria, such as political stability, the quality of social and public services, covering 450 cities around the world.

Sub-Saharan Africa's cities and some cities in the Middle East, topped the list of the worst in the world:

Prosecutors in France re-hearing the testimony of the only witness, after a request by the defense of the young French office, Laura Bréole, which claimed that Moroccan artist Saad Lamjarred raped her.

Star and German supermodel Heidi Klum, aged 43, in a press statement, she said, for her nudity has become "identity."

Heidi Klum, she said, and her parents were take them to the shores of nudity from a young age, and did not have any problems with nudity at all.

After four day trip, Castro's ashes will be buried Sunday in Santa Aafiguenaa de Santiago cemetery near the tomb of the architect Jose Marti, Cuba's independence.

In front of a statue of his colleague Che Guevara held a memorial ceremony lasted two days in the presence of his people and the leaders of friendly countries, before traveling Wednesday vessel containing the ashes to the city of Santiago de Cuba, where he will be buried Sunday.

World and theoretical researcher d. Robertn believe that death is the death of the body only, while our minds are for energy within our bodies starts out when the life of the physical entity, stop in a process called "bio-Central" Biocentrism name.

Do you imagine your favorite star when he was a kid ?, Mohammad Huneidi, Ahmed El Sakka, Yasmin Abdul Aziz, Haifa Wehbe, Nour El-Sherif and Nelly Karim and other stars.

German police "Adriano to Kolijar", as it hides a beautiful face and tempting, hiding under police suit body iron.

Classification of the top 10 paid actresses in the world according to the magazine "Forbes".

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