The relationship between the US parameter "Alexandria Vera", aged 24 years, in Stovall Middle School pupil, aged (13 years), began when they exchanged follow-up through the famous "Instagram" photo sharing site, which turned into a full sexual relationship after nine months almost led to be pregnant.

The human body, aged 39, is witnessing a decline in the production of myelin that covers nerve cells and protect them from harmful influences.

Low production of myelin leads to a weakening of cognitive and physical abilities.

The risk of winter cold, especially during the cold air and low recently witnessed in Europe, is not confined to colds and flu only, as lower temperatures lead to a contraction of the arteries, which in turn leads to high blood pressure to maintain body temperature, causing tension and stress aloft to the heart muscle and vessel walls vessels.

Playmaker Zenimax accused Oculus company acquired by Facebook for $ 2 billion, as the stolen virtual reality technology.

American girl "Christina Crockett," (21 years), through their account via the "YOUNOW" program, the American girl was able to start talking with a group of young Arabs of different nationalities owners, the most famous of them the Saudi "Abu Sin."

Commenting on the deletion of all her images on the "Instagram", and the news spoke about converting to Islam, "Scott Carlssan," agent of American actress "Lindsay Lohan" stressed that, she had in the process of a new beginning in her life ahead, and added: "It is a symbol for me to let the past go away and go for the future, which is treating me a long time coming. "

After an absence of two years, the star of tennis, the German Tommy House (38 years), return to Courts at the Australian Open, after undergoing surgery to repair a torn ligament in right foot about two years ago.

Tommy House, his career spanning nearly 20 years to return to competition after a long process of rehabilitation, and surgery is the ninth during his career with the tennis.

In a video more than two minutes, the American pop singer "Katy Perry" appeared in the form of an old Japanese talk about the size of the suffering of Japanese-Americans during World War II, and the linking hate speech directed against Muslims in America.

International star Lindsay Lohan has to delete all the images on Instagram, and change the definition of person, where merely one word, "alikum salam."

Lindsay Lohan, aged 30-year-old, a former News said she converted to Islam, especially after he wore a headscarf in Turkey.

Supermodel Russian Anastasia Kwejtko (22 years), has refused to reduce weight at the request of one of the agencies, fashion show, and decided to move to Los Angeles to defeat Kardashian, as "the most beautiful rear."

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