During the "Tonight this program" with the artist Arwa, actress Mervat Amin revealed her marriage to the defendant in a drug case, but confirmed that the divorce was not because of this case.

An expression of rejection of US President-elect Donald Trump, "US Democratic Alliance for the Province Trump" proceeded to launch an application cartoonish, under the name "Trump emphatically."

After examining lettuce stored for 5 days within the plastic bags in the refrigerator, it is revealed that the number of bacteria on the leaves of these plants amounted to about 100 thousand different type of salmonella bacteria.

The scientists confirmed that the membranes of those types of salmonella show stiff resistance intended for medicines to fight the bacteria.

Every refugee in France take the decision out of them, before the end of 2016, will be obtained on the amount of 2500 euros, and the money ready to pay immediately.

This is the announcement by the French Agency for Migration and integration, as a kind of "compensation" for refugees and immigrants for refugee trip to Europe.

Sex, at least twice or three times a week strengthens the body's immune system, fight disease and infections, as well as the treatment of these diseases:

Site. Hngn published a report indicating a relationship between Angelina Jolie and global superstar Johnny Depp.

Site confirmed that Johnny Depp approached Angelina Jolie after splitting from Brad Pitt, so they hired a lawyer to represent Depp Court in the case of divorce.

There was support for a court ruling to imprison the Egyptian artist, Ahmed Ezz three years in prison for libel Zina.

Egyptian court punished Fatima Naaot, imprisonment for six-month suspended sentence for contempt of the Islamic religion.

Fidel Castro, the man who filled the sky hostility to Uncle Sam, half a century ago, a disturbing the sleep of Washington, which did not set foot in the territory to Havana after nuzzle warrior.

If Iran called America the Great Satan, is how Washington considered Fidel Castro, America did not antagonize defense of Cuba as much as Aadaha in defense of principle, the owner of a unique place in the hearts of lovers of socialism in Latin America and Africa remained, until his death on Friday night at the age of 90 years.

Public prosecutors demanded prison Neymar two years with a fine amounting to 10 million euros, "and that his role in the shady deal under which he moved from Santos to Barcelona.

Judge Jose Perales also called for a prison sentence of five years for the former Barcelona president Sandro Rosell, and fined the club 8.4 million euros (8.9 million dollars), but urged to drop charges against the current president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

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