Thomas C. Corley; the study on the daily habits among the wealthy, for five years, and found that wealth to collect a self-made is linked to the nature of the wealthy and people who deal with them, man successful and inclusive wealth deals with individuals optimists with specific goals and positive outlook in general.

Turkish star, Orhan Ölmez escaped death, after being subjected to attempted murder with a knife, after an altercation took place between him and his neighbors.

The newspaper "Mirror" British, said that super-strength drinks preparing for the leader of North Korea, and will be placed on his table in the celebrations of Christmas and the end of the year.

"Kim Jong-un," will address the wines from the bones of tigers and bears, which also contain or forty-four, and placenta female deer, and will shared by drink, his fellow members of the government and large elite in the ruling Communist Party of the country.

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, a donation of about 27 liters of his blood shortly after the 60th birthday gala, to write a copy of the Koran, a beautiful Arabic script.

Over the past two years, the artist Judy Abbas Shakir al-Baghdadi, use the blood of a dead Iraqi president to write nearly 600 pages of the Koran.

Magazine (OK!) Said: Amal Clooney, George Clooney reach a settlement of their divorce, such as Pradit Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Site "justhealthy", published a report cited a list of foods said it was dangerous and cause death with a repeat addressed in the long term, calling for a re-thinking in their approach so as not to inflict damage to our health:

The following are the most prominent actors that can spy on the user by watching pornographic content:

Ivanka Trump, daughter of US President-elect, a video posted on the "Instagram" dancing to celebrate the weekend.

Amy Sultan, holds a Bachelor of Engineering Department of decor, from one of Britain's universities, the dancer has become the most famous, and wealthy salutes Egypt concerts, but demanded rich name to commemorate the wedding ceremonies of their children.

Engineering did not work at all, but went to the profession of belly dancing so beloved and studied arts abroad, and was dancing ballet since she was 15 years, and before that known as "Ballerina".

Mother's husband, reality TV star, Kim Kardashian, transvestite, and called himself Catlin Jenner name will become a mother, in 2017.

Catlin Jenner, which reached the 67-year-old, is ready to become a mother 100 per cent, which is progressing towards this goal, where it says: Coping be the biological mother is attracting more than adoption.

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L'incendie du camp d'Ilovage en Afrique centrale et l'expulsion de 8 500 personnes déplacées
The burning of the Ilovage camp in Central Africa and the expulsion of 8,500 displaced people
El incendio del campo de Ilovage en África Central y la expulsión de 8.500 personas desplazadas
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The burning of the Ilovage camp in Central Africa and the expulsion of 8,500 displaced people

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