10 most beautiful women in the world during 2016, depending on the location wonder list

Young Bangladeshi, Abdul Albajindar, who was known in the media as the "tree man", has undergone 16 successful scientific surgery in a hospital in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka,.

Young Bengali categorized into three other cases are rare in the world baffled doctors, but he was able to thanks to the Bengali medical team to get rid of five kilograms of tumor caused by "defect in the skin tissues," and prevented embrace small daughter.

Introduction Czech television programs, EVA Prcaosuva, aged 22 years, which in the channel, "Prima" TV, published a nude image.

Eva Prcaosuva, wrote a terse comments under the picture says, "beautiful dreams."

A poll conducted HSBS Bank about the best immigration states, recommended the 10 states based on several criteria (according to the descending order):

The Ministry of Culture and Information, and the Iraqi Foreign Ministry adopted the position, the head of the Iraqi Journalists Union in the United States, which will be occupied by the dancer "Ishtar Anu Sumer," after the nomination of the President of the Federation of Iraqi journalists, Ali Abd al-Majid her.

Zimbabwe's laws prohibiting the practice of homosexual sexual relations of any kind, prompting President Robert Mugabe, to take action against gay men.

Local councilor in the city of "Xiaoy", in Taiwan, "Tang Hazeeang", died in December 2016, at the age of 76 years, after a long illness, and was known in the country's political face to taking several important positions for several decades.

Confederation of African Football announced the best player and the clubs and the national team on the continent for the 2016 names.

The planet will collide with the globe in September or October 2017, as evidenced by the "earthquakes increased the quantity and strength of both, and increased the types of storms, power, and size, and show sinks and cracks in many places among the planet, the more heat waves and last long." .

"Passengers should know the existence of human organs near the passenger baggage; those members are transferred to hospitals for transplantation patients, there are also pets in the same area, sometimes the body in a coffin and sometimes placed as they are."

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Coordination des positions entre Israël et les Emirats Arabes Unis
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Coordination of positions between Israel and UAE

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