Engineer Yasser Elkadi the Minister of Communications and Information Technology in Egypt, announced the launch of the first Egyptian mobile phone, during the second half of the year 2017.

Actress Elham Shahin celebrated her birthday in the presence of a large number of her close friends.

The ceremony has been in Elham Shahin's house.

Permanent Military Court in Tunis, he was sentenced to death by firing squad, the Tunisian army sergeant, "Mohammed Amin Yahyaoui," nicknamed "Hlanka", and at the age of 26 years, after being convicted of the murder of 4-year-old boy.

Arrest occurred on Miss Lebanese expatriates' Njah Ghamrawy, "chasing after her car in the path of" Western Sydney, "in Australia, when it blew a tire, and found 22 grams of the substance inside the car as well as cash.

American pop star Janet Jackson, 50 years old, put her first child, and her husband, Wissam Al Mana, shot him Issa inhibitor to the world.

Queen Sylvia of Sweden, people are surprised, and said: Drutningholm Royal Palace, which was built on the Stockholm island in the seventeenth century, in the Swedish capital Stockholhm, inhabited by a friendly ghost, and sharing with them live.

 A group of scientists and researchers Irish, newly discovered, a member of a human in the human body; scientists and doctors did not knowit.

The researchers named the new member name "mesentery"; it connects the intestine abdominal wall, and discovered that a double fold of "peritonitis", which is the lining of the abdominal cavity.

Actress Ghada Abdel Razek opened the new year by shooting session bold lens photographer Khaled silver, and published the pictures via her personal Instagram.

Having promised the audience New Year's Eve, the dancer Fifi Abdo published on different accounts on social networking sites, a video of her progress oriental dance.

Starlets Lebanon, each with its own private views, during the New Year celebrations, of whom appeared in the form of the bride, and there are those who chose the form of Barbie

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Coordination des positions entre Israël et les Emirats Arabes Unis
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