"Top Vision" collected pictures of binaries, the cameras followed them, both of the stars of the art, and fashion.

Has betrothal, the star of the Tunisian and international supermodel Rim Saidi, recently, to the Lebanese media, Wsam Brady.

Rim Saidi of the most desired fashion models in the world and has worked with the most famous global brands and agencies.

Signed US singer Britney Spears in love with an Iranian athlete named Sam Asgari, appeared with her in her song clips Slumber Party.

The news spread, after the image of two lovers and two kids off the Sushi in Malibu upscale neighborhood of Los Angeles in California.

Robert Malcolm's agent American actor William Christopher said Christopher, who was diagnosed with cancer for nearly 18 months, died in his bed at his home in Pasadena, California.

Malcolm said, his wife Barbara Christopher-old nearly 60 years was next to him during the death.

A number of artists fantastic views emerged during the concerts and New Year's concerts.

Tea, a healthy drink, contains fluoride, which prevents tooth decay, is full of amino acids known as "theanine" It is a tonic and a calming and refreshing drink also contains small amounts of caffeine, but excessive intake of fluoride leads to many side effects.

"Addiction hashish hits hormonal balance between estrogen and testosterone easing of the male hormone ratio in favor of the high proportion of hormone femininity."

The population of this country of about three million and a half, more than 90 percent of them celebrating at December 31 of each year, their birthdays, but they do not reside concerts, because the celebration of Christmas is not a common culture in this country.

Of exotic positions it was receiving some countries diplomatic delegations from the country, does not believe that all comers them were born in one day.

Artist Heidi Moses, published a recent picture of her with the artist and media Safa Abu Al-Saud and her husband, Sheikh Saleh Kamel, owner of ART channels institution "Arab Radio and Television."

Instant application "WhatsApp" company developedit a new technology, not in line with some of the older types of phones.

This list of devices that will not work in the application of "WhatsApp" starting from January 1, 2017:

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