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Serpohi Hovagyan, a survivor of the Armenian massacres Serpohi Hovagyan, a survivor of the Armenian massacres

Serpohi Hovagyan, a survivor of the Armenian massacres

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:-- A book entitled "The March of Death: A Memoir of a Survivor", the story of Serpohi Hovagyan, is a living testimony to the massacres of the Ottomans against the Armenians.

Serpohi Hovagian tells the black history of the Ottomans, where she witnessed the massacre, when she was 22 years old, revealed by her granddaughter and published from France to the world.

The massacres of Armenians were the victims of two-thirds of the population living on Turkish territory, expelled to the deserts of Iraq and Syria, under torture, starvation, abuse and mass killing of children who threw them into the river.

For months, Hovagyan documented important details of the Turkish army's crimes in "pamphlets" which she secretly kept as daily diaries, in which she spoke of ugly details of crimes against humanity.

Sibuhe managed to escape death marches with her memoirs, and did not pay attention over the years, until she died in August 1976, leaving the Ottoman genocide in Armenian and Greek language that nobody paid attention to.

In 2014, the issue returned to the front of the French media, after the discovery of the well-known French actress Annie Romo (68 years) notes of her grandmother, amidst many papers and pictures that almost yellowing her papers to write.

Romo began to browse the papers and read their content, and realized that she had signed a historical treasure telling the details remained vague to the world, and was able to the first lines, written by her grandmother masterfully, draws her attention, although time came on some of the letters that fainted her ink, but the sequential narrative of painful events planned For her Turkish army, Hovagyan wrote her testimony in every detail and in a clear and clear language, which conveyed the suffering of the Armenians, from the first day of the start of death marches.

Grandmother's memoirs were marked by pain and suffering, especially since the Turks were following the genocide plan from the beginning

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