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The arrest of an Egyptian doctor, he ordered his assistant to pray for his dog

Friday, 10 September 2021
Prayer video for the dog causes an uproar in Egypt Prayer video for the dog causes an uproar in Egypt An Egyptian doctor orders an assistant to prostrate to his dog

#Vision_Int, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- An Egyptian doctor appeared in a video, and caused controversy on social media, as he asked someone to prostrate to his dog.

The Egyptian security services were able to identify the doctor who appeared in the 4-minute video clip, where he and two members of the Administrative Security were assaulting an elderly nurse.

By examining the video, 4 individuals were identified who appeared in it, the nurse - the victim - the accused doctor and two who were standing holding the rope, and it appears from their clothes that they are administrative security personnel, their task was to catch the rope that was jumping from the nurse who refused to pray for the "dog". .

And he said to the doctor: “It is forbidden, doctor.” The doctor replied to him by saying: “God is great and pray for the dog, and the sin is upon me.” The nurse refused and said to him: “Electrostatic me is better.”

The doctor kept reprimanding the nurse for making fun of the dog by saying: “The dog is sitting in Arabic like the Pasha. What do you have and what is his money?”

The security services codify the procedures to arrest the accused doctor by notifying the Public Prosecution Office with the video, after the video was seized, and sent to the Public Prosecution to take what it deems legal against the people who appeared in the video, and in the event that a decision is issued to seize him and bring him, the police will move to arrest the accused .

The sources indicated that the nurse's statements will separate the incident and whether it is just a joke or not, and accordingly, criminal responsibility will be determined in the event of a deliberate intention by the doctor.

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