After the Saudi embassy in Washington published a lie to the kingdom’s presence behind the penetration of the American billionaire, Jeff Bezos, the electronic technology magazine “Motherboard”, presented the evidence.

Australia - Canberra: - The fires returned again in Australia, after renewed hope with extinguishing the rain, as forests caught fire near the airport, and the authorities were forced to close the roads, and asked the residents to leave, or to stay away from the outskirts of the east of the capital.

The theft took place from inside the King's Palace in Marrakesh Luxury watches of the King of Morocco, Mohamed VI, were stolen from inside his palace in the southern city of Marrakech.

Paraguay - Asuncion - Pedro: - The most dangerous Brazilian gang managed to escape a Paraguayan prison through a tunnel dug underground, and the number of fugitives reached 75 prisoners, according to Paraguay's Minister of Justice, Cecilia Pires.

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