Bentley, who survived the coup, was loved by Saddam Hussein

July 06, 2020
Bentley wrestled with a royal and presidential rule, then flew from Iraq to Miami, America Bentley wrestled with a royal and presidential rule, then flew from Iraq to Miami, America Photo source: - Compilation of news visibility from Google

Egyptian News Vision: The Cuban Bentley S1 that appeared in the 1950s had amazing technology at this time, most notably the engine connection with an automatic transmission, electric steering system, radio, foldable headrests for the seats covered in the most luxurious natural glow.

This model is equipped with an engine with a capacity of approximately 4.9 liters and can generate tremendous power at this time up to 178 hp, with a top speed of 193 km per hour.

The Cuban Bentley S1 was the property of the former crown prince of the Kingdom of Iraq, Abd al-Ilah bin Ali al-Hashemi, who bought it for $ 13,000, which equates to about $ 112,000 today.

But the crown prince was killed months after buying the car during the Iraqi coup against the regime on July 14, 1958, and it was sold 10 years later to an Iraqi businessman.

The rare car remained in the garage of the Iraqi businessman until he agreed to participate in the scenes of the famous Iraqi movie "The Invading King", for the late President Saddam Hussein to see for the first time, and it was love at first sight.

Saddam Hussein offered the Iraqi businessman to buy the car, but he categorically refused, so the president decided to confiscate and seize the car, and adjusted its color to blue and silver.

After America stormed and destroyed Iraq, several saboteurs deformed the car and remained neglected until an American citizen saw it, and he felt that this model had a great historical story behind him, especially after he noticed that this version of the Bentley Continental S1 model in 1958 had traveled only 16 thousand kilometers Just.

The treasury of the Iraqi businessman still contained the ownership papers of the Bentley Continental S1, and after the situation calmed down a little in Iraq, it returned to him again.

In 2015, a car collector from Canada purchased the rest of the car, restored it, and revived it again so that it could invest in it and resell it again.

Indeed, after some repairs to the car in an attempt to return it to its rare body, the American Jim George bought it to complete the road, and sent it to a restoration workshop in Miami, USA, to settle there for 17 months and come out in its original condition again.

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