Google artificial intelligence director resigns

April 08, 2021

Daily Times: - The American "Bloomberg" news network said that the director of Google for artificial intelligence, Sami Bengio, has resigned.

Bingio's resignation comes after the dismissal of two controversial leaders in the American company.

Benjio was the supervisor of the AI ​​Ethical Team before its reorganization in February 2021.

Benjio has been a staunch advocate for AI ethics researchers Tymnet Gibro and Margaret Mitchell, who earlier co-led the AI ​​ethics team.

Gibro was fired in December 2020 while she was working on a paper on the dangers of large language models. Mitchell was fired last February after she used a script to search her emails for evidence of discrimination against Gibro.

The dismissals sparked outrage across the tech industry, prompting many researchers to reject funding or other opportunities offered by Google, while two Google engineers also resigned from the company in protest, citing Gibro's dismissal as the main reason for their resignation.

After leaving Gibro, Google reorganized its research division and placed an ethical AI team under the leadership of Marian Croak, a leader in the company's engineering division. The move limited Bingio's responsibilities, according to Bloomberg.

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