Hong Kong grants a reward to every person infected with Coronavirus

November 22, 2020
Hong Kong grants a reward to every person infected with Coronavirus Hong Kong grants a reward to every person infected with Coronavirus Photo source: - Compilation of news visibility from Google

Vision Egypt News: - The Chinese city of Hong Kong gives an incentive reward to every person infected with the Coronavirus in order to encourage people to have a medical examination, according to what the Minister of Health there, Sophia Chan, said.

Sophia Chan said that the city will give a one-time amount of 5,000 dollars of Hong Kong currency (645 US dollars) to anyone in it who has tested positive for the Coronavirus, to encourage people to undergo infection tests.

According to a report by the Hong Kong Broadcasting Corporation, Chan said in an interview that the Labor and Social Welfare Office will announce the details of the grant plan.

She said the government is establishing five more community testing centers in addition to the four already operating centers.

And the Bloomberg News Agency quoted the report, that Hong Kong will impose new social restrictions with the increase in cases of Coronavirus locally, to the extent that it has led to the announcement of the postponement of a planned travel bubble between Hong Kong and Singapore for two weeks.

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