The super turtle that stopped a woman's heart

July 18, 2021
Turtle hides death under it Turtle hides death under it She saw what was under the turtle, and her heart stopped

Daily Times, Dubai United Arab Emirates: The Dodo animal news site said that an American woman wanted to save a turtle stuck in the fence of her garden, but her heart stopped in terror when she saw it.

The woman, Irene Rodriguez, was returning after taking her child for a walk when she saw a turtle's head and front feet stuck in the wood of her fence.

And when Irene Rodriguez lifted the turtle to turn it towards the other side of the fence, she was surprised by a sight that terrified her.

But before the surprise, Irene Rodriguez decided to take a picture of her to tell her husband how she helped that turtle.

According to the site, as soon as "Rodriguez" lifted the turtle, she was terrified, and returned the turtle to its place; Under the tortoise was a very large and poisonous snake.

The Dodo quoted Rodriguez as saying, "I put the turtle back and walked away. I was so shocked, my heart stopped for a second, I felt adrenaline in my body, and I had to save the turtle."

After controlling herself, Rodriguez decided to save the turtle, but she used a shovel, and lifted the turtle up, and removed it from the snake without trying to disturb it.

Fortunately, the snake later slipped into a nearby burrow, while Rodriguez moved the tortoise to a safe location away from the fence and the snake.

Rodriguez says she hasn't seen the tortoise or the snake since, but if she sees it again, she will check that there is no snake underneath.

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