The tale of the widowed giraffe "Sunsen" at the Giza Zoo

January 01, 2021
The tale of the widowed giraffe "Sunsen" at the Giza Zoo The tale of the widowed giraffe "Sunsen" at the Giza Zoo

Dubai United Arab Emirates : The giraffe Sonsen is a media item that has gained wide attention in Egypt since he brought her a South African husband named "Zizou", and as soon as interest in it decreased on social media, it returned to the spotlight after the death of the imported husband.

The giraffe appeared alone in the Giza Zoo, and the import source who brought three giraffes to attend the examination process of the male giraffe "Zizou" who had died was notified, and the samples that were taken from him were sent to the Institute of Animal Health for analysis and diagnosis of the causes of death.

The General Authority for Veterinary Services at the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation is investigating the death of "Zizou"

The Ministry of Agriculture confirmed that the giraffes are still in the veterinary quarantine period, and the animal resource agreed upon for the allowance in exchange for the giraffes has not yet been delivered.

The Giza Zoo had imported 3 giraffes from the country of South Africa by exchanging other animals from the zoo, of which there is a surplus.

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