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April 30, 2021
The Maldives, spread over an area of ​​298 square kilometers, is the smallest Asian country with its area, with a population of half a million people. The Maldives, spread over an area of ​​298 square kilometers, is the smallest Asian country with its area, with a population of half a million people.

Vision, United Arab Emirates: - Despite the Corona crisis, the Maldives announced that it is opening its doors to all arrivals, in search of comfort and enjoyment of nature, to become one of the most charming destinations in the world, for family holidays, recreation, or even high-level meetings.

The Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean, southwest of Sri Lanka, and its number is about a thousand coral islands, and is bordered by the Lakadif Sea in the northeast, the Arabian Sea in the north, and the Indian Ocean from the south and west, and the equator passes in its south.

Most of its inhabitants are Muslims, the dominant language on the island is the "Dhivian" language, one of the Indian languages ​​that is very similar to the Ilo language, and the Maldivian script has special letters called "Tana", and it is written from the right to the north, and the Maldivian language has been influenced by the Arabic and Persian languages, Maldivians use English and Arabic for education and international relations.

The word Maldives is divided into “Mald” meaning fish and “dev” meaning island, meaning fish island, and Ibn Battuta said about it that Maldives is one of the wonders of the world.

Its capital is the city of Maliah, and it is considered the main port, and there are many mosques and markets in it. (545 AH - 1150 AD), and within a short period of time, most of its inhabitants became Muslims.

It is characterized by its warm and humid atmosphere throughout the year, which is the atmosphere of the Indian ocean because it is a barrier to heat and stores it, and the temperature ranges between 24-33 degrees Celsius, despite the high humidity, but the cold sea breeze softens the air, and it contains one of the most beautiful beaches on the Indian Ocean It is a tropical paradise, with its splendor underwater views, where you can see in the water from its clearness for about fifty meters, and it is characterized by the warmth of its water throughout the year, which encourages tourists from all over the world to come to visit it, spend the best times in it, and enjoy diving to watch Coral reefs and exotic and beautiful fish species.

The most important thing that can be visited is the National Museum, the Sultan's Garden, the main fish market and the Great Mosque, and among the most beautiful underwater views is the view of the various coral reefs and beautiful fish that may reach more than a thousand species and types of sea turtles, whales, dolphins, different types of coral and mollusks, as well as Live in different types of crustaceans.

Among the most famous stars who went to enjoy its atmosphere were: "Football player Mohamed Salah, the star of Liverpool FC, Ghada Abdel Razek, Yasmine Sabry, Ahmed Fahmy and Hana Zahid, Tamer Hosni and his wife, Dalia Al-Behairy, Ramadan Sobhy, player of Pyramids Club and his wife, and player Mohamed Al-Nani," Mahmoud Al-Asaily and his second wife, Carole Samaha.

And world famous "Cristiano Ronald, famous Spanish football player Fernando Torres, Danny Myung, Kitty Perry, Russell Brand, Rob Law."

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