A video of an accident between an airplane and a car

March 16, 2021

Dubai, Daily Times: - The US state of Florida witnessed an accident between a plane and a car that a woman was driving with her child; Causing 4 people were killed and injured.

The accident occurred on a street in Miami, and collided with a car that happened to be passing at the moment of the crash.

The footage recorded by the surveillance camera revealed the moments of a rapid fall, then the collision, and the plane turned into a ball of flame that spread and burned the car with its passengers.

The accident resulted in the death of two people on board the plane, and the wounding of a mother and her child, who were on board the car, and described their wounds as severe, according to "Sky News Arabia."

The rescue of the mother and her son was difficult for the firefighting crews, especially since the fire surrounded them.

The US Federal Aviation Authority said: The single-engine plane crashed minutes after take-off from the nearby North Berry Airport.

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