Horror swing in Dagestan, video

July 17, 2021
A breathtaking video, did the two women die? A breathtaking video, did the two women die?

Daily Times, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- In the Federal Republic of Dagestan of the Russian Federation, there is a swing on the top of a mountain, which everyone who loves adventure rides, as it swings outside the mountain, and it happened that the rope was cut, when two girls were above it, and everyone who watched the video that documented the accident thought that the two had died.

A state of panic occurred to the pioneers of social networking sites who watched the video, and YouTube prevented viewing for those with weak hearts.

Video, the death swing terrified

The two women survived after falling from the edge of the mountain, which is nearly two thousand meters high. they fell upon a small wooden platform that lay beneath the edge of the mountain; This prevented them from continuing their fall into the valley, but they were bruised and scraped.

In the video, a group of women gathered around the swing, which the two women installed, before the person in charge began to push it.

As he began to push lightly, that person pushed them harder until the swing was off-balance; causing the edge of the seat to hit one of its columns; And then the two passengers fell from her in a way that suggests to the viewer that they fell deep in the deep valley amid the screams of the audience.

For its part, the local authorities have launched an investigation into the incident. This may result in the removal of all swings installed in hazardous locations.

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