Jahida Wahba seeks "full moon upon us" inside a church

To the tunes of the hymn music in the Church of "Mar Maroun" in the Lebanese capital Beirut, the Lebanese actress Jahida Wahba songs of "Tala Al Badr on us", and this is the first time that a singer has performed this artwork.

The song of the rise of the full moon upon us, is related to the migration of the Messenger of Islam, from Mecca to Medina, and this is how parents and grandparents knew it for decades, and since the beginning of filming religious films, which embodied this artistic scene.

Also, the verses of this song were among the curricula, especially the Islamic education for children.

And a video clip of Jahida Wahba spread as she sang in the heart of the church, the poem "Tala Al Badr Ali" from inside the Church of "Mar Maroun" in the Lebanese capital Beirut, and around it the music crew and in front of it the audience who listened to the poem in a state of happiness.

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