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Israel: Final Touches to Netanyahu's Displacement Israel: Final Touches to Netanyahu's Displacement

Israel: Final Touches to Netanyahu's Displacement

Abu Dhabi, China: - Nearly two years ago, investigations into the corruption of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have not ended, as well as his wife Sarah, who is accused of exploiting her husband's influence and government privileges.

It seems that things have come to an end, and that Netanyahu is on his way out of power in Israel.

The Movement for Good Governance in Israel filed a petition to the Supreme Court to order Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to leave office after being accused on Thursday of bribery, fraud and dishonesty.

Netanyahu, who served four terms in office, denied the charges and said he would remain in office and defend himself, according to Reuters.

The accusations against the prime minister, while Israel is in political chaos, come after elections in April and September, in which neither Netanyahu nor his main rival, Benny Gantz, the centrist, won a majority to govern.

Gantz's ultimatum to form a government expired after Netanyahu failed to do so, prompting the Israeli president the next day to announce a three-week deadline during which Knesset members could choose one of them to try to form a coalition.

If that fails too, new elections will be held, the third in Israel in just one year. Netanyahu's hopes of securing a parliamentary nomination face a challenge from another rival from his own Likud party, Gideon Sa'ar, who said on Saturday that Netanyahu would not be able to win a third election.

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